Type no:CG100 Category :Electronic Pressure Sensor
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Electronic Pressure Sensor

YCB-100A is used in the fields of petroleum, drilling well to measure high pressure. It has excellent features of high corresponds and accuracy, strong structure, shock-resistant, proof-corrosion etc. It uses advanced strain technology and diaphragm. It can be used with our digital controller and other instrument to display, record and control measured pressure.

Non-linearity: 0.2%, 0.3%, and 0.5%
Temperature Range: -30C-70C
Compensated Temperature: 0.02%C, 0.03%C, and 0.05%C
Output Sensitivity: 1mv/v
Pressure Capacity: 0-40, 0-60, 0-80, 0-100, 0-120MPa

Important Note:

1.Please re-adjust before using and inspect regularly.
2.Keep the sensor in the dry and clean condition with 10-30C temperatures and humidity should be less than 80%.

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